“I started seeing Terri after loosing my aunt, mom, grandma, brother in law and other loved ones. Within a few sessions I felt like a different person. Some of the things she said, pulled things from deep down that I didn’t even know were there. I will forever be grateful for her! My life has changed in so many ways! I’m honoring my mom and loved ones by being happy now and not sad!” -Crissy H., Mechanicsville, Maryland

“Terri, you have found your calling. This is not a path you seek. This is a path you were destined to follow. Others will be lucky to have you help them maneuver throughout their path. I am not lucky, but blessed to have you in my life.” – Karen S., Maryland

“I am amazed by you and the people your sight helps. I knew from the day i met you on base years ago that you were amazing then. I never realized the difference you would have made in my families life every day since then.” – Kim B., Maryland

“She’s there in the time of need. we needed a group for parents who have lost children. I can talk to her because we’ve all been there. we help each other.” – Mary C,. Florida

“Thank you for everything Terri! You really helped me get my butt moving to start a new chapter and stop holding onto the past while trying to recreate it here. Thank you for helping me let it all go!” – Traci G., Maryland

“Terri, thank you so much for helping me during my time of crisis. Losing my dog was such a blow for me and I just couldn’t seem to wrap my mind around life without her. Our sessions helped me tremendously to let go of the guilt I was feeling and to learn to be grateful for having her in my life for as long as I did.” – LaDonna C., Georgia

“The feeling of not being alone with this heartbreak is so important and comforting.TLC grief coaching is a balm for the soul and I’m very grateful for it.” – Judith W., Florida

“What a comfort in times of grief you have been.understanding and compassionate. I’m very grateful for this group. Highly recommend to anyone who has a suffered the devastating loss of a child, no matter how old.Thank you.” – Maria A., Florida

“TLC Grief Coaching has offered comfort and support to me from encouraging post and private messaging kind words of love and support. We are not alone in this journey of losing our children. I live stated away and Terri has become my friend! Throughout this group many other parents comment and encourage you to keep moving forward. Our lose is great, but it was better to love then to not have known the love at all!💜💙” – Shemarah O.

“I have recently been dealing with a loss, and was seeking help. My first session was so wonderful, and left me wanting more. The compassion and kindness shown during my session was like none I have ever experienced. I felt like I was talking to a friend who actually cares. I urge everyone who wants to work through their emotions to seek help. You will find nothing but help here. I can’t say enough kind words about my experiences. Ten stars.” – Zeth E., Florida

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