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Taking the first step in asking for help can feel scary, but I believe that the prospect of remaining stuck in grief is even scarier. Seeking support is a wonderful act of self love that can be very beneficial to your emotional well being and you deserve that. Navigating grief and loss can be difficult but it can be easier when you have a safe, nurturing space to share your feelings with someone who understands and has experienced deep, personal loss. Let me guide you as you create space for joy to coexist alongside your grief. I am proof that you can smile, laugh and enjoy life again despite your wounded heart.

As a Certified Master Grief Coach, I am able to offer support and guidance to those grieving in order to help them navigate their grief in a way that works best for them. We can experience grief from many different types of losses, to include spouse loss, child loss, parental loss, pet loss, divorce, loss of employment, loss of a relationship/friendship and many others. With my extensive knowledge about grief experts research and my own personal experience with loss, I can empower you to heal in a way that is specific to you. In my sessions I work with people at any stage in their grief journey – your loss can be recent or years old.  TLC Grief Coaching offers a safe, compassionate, and nurturing space in which to work on healing from your grief. I am available for sessions via telephone, FaceTime or Zoom. All sessions are confidential.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a complimentary initial consultation, through the Contact portion of my page. Please note that all appointments are on Eastern Standard Time zone.

Master Grief Coaching 30 minute session: $50.00 – All scheduled appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, in order to avoid a $15.00 cancellation fee.

Master Grief Coaching 50 minute session: $85.00 – All scheduled appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, in order to avoid a $30.00 cancellation fee.

All payments must be made in advance, prior to scheduled appointments. Payment may be made via the Paypal links below. If you would like to discuss an alternative method of payment, please contact me directly. Once payment is received, I will contact you to schedule an appointment time. Please remember that appointments are scheduled using the EST time zone.


30 – Minute Grief Coaching Session

This session includes a thirty minute personalized grief coaching session



50 – Minute Grief Coaching Session

This session includes a 50 minute personalized grief coaching session.


Disclaimer: If you are experiencing anything serious or life-threatening or feel you may be a danger to others, seek professional treatment immediately. TLC Grief Coaching, LLC does not guarantee results as they will vary based on the individual. By exercising your sole discretion to use any information or participate in any services, you acknowledge that they are not intended to be a replacement for qualified professional behavioral or medical treatment of any mental disorder or physical condition. You are solely responsible for your own interpretation and judgment of information and services provided and in control of how you act upon that information. TLC Grief Coaching, LLC is not liable for the choices of each client and therefore each client agrees to hold TLC Grief Coaching harmless and indemnify it or its affiliates from all liability.

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