The Magic of a Butterfly

I quickly turned my head and looked again. Since Tyler’s accident, I find myself doing this often – looking again. I glanced out the front window of our home and thought I saw his car parked on the curb, right where he parked it every day. Out of the corner of my eye, I couldContinue reading “The Magic of a Butterfly”

“These Shoes”

Would I give anything not to be walking in “these shoes” – the tattered, ugly, and most uncomfortable shoes of a grieving Mom? To contemplate this, I had to honestly take a seat, close my eyes and ponder that question with the most raw and real thoughts and emotions. As the mountain of things thatContinue reading ““These Shoes””

Jealousy & Resentment – right or wrong, they are ever-present in my grief

Scrolling down my Facebook wall, I knew it was that time again – the end of summer break when a lot of my friends would be sending their children off to college – preparing them both intellectually and socially for their futures. Each and every year, for the past seven years I have hated thisContinue reading “Jealousy & Resentment – right or wrong, they are ever-present in my grief”

The Real You

Have you ever stopped to contemplate the multitude of personality types that surround you daily? The vast array of people with varying degrees of differences between them – there are physical differences that differentiate us from one another, as well as personality traits that characterize each one of us. What makes you, you? Ask yourContinue reading “The Real You”

How I used mindfulness in becoming a resilient griever – and you can too!

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a mental state which we can achieve simply by focusing our awareness on the present moment – consciously choosing each and every thought that enters our minds. By living in the present, we can unclutter our minds of memories of the past, unconstructive thought patterns and worries about the future.Continue reading “How I used mindfulness in becoming a resilient griever – and you can too!”

Why Grief is Less Complicated When Understood

When we understand grief, its different possible stages and what each one can bring, we are better equipped to process it in a healthy way, thus allowing us to spend less time in the worst parts. Grief is absolutely overwhelming at times – it can literally make you want to pull the covers up overContinue reading “Why Grief is Less Complicated When Understood”